UKGovHack is a hackathon and conference mashup. The two streams will run simultaneously, creating an awesome, flexible environment that is accessible to everyone with an interest in the public sector or civic technology - whether you are a developer, service designer, researcher, UX-er, an armchair enthusiast or someone approaching this subject for the very first time.

The hackathon will run across the weekend, offering a chance to prototype solutions to key public sector issues. The challenges will not be tied to a single agency or department, but instead aim to explore broader and recurring issues in the public sector.

The conference stream will run on Saturday, curating a series of lightning talks and workshops delivered by event partners and the community. These sessions will present a variety of interesting and insightful content, from entry level access to the public sector and technology, to more complex and developed themes.

Running the streams concurrently means attendees can come just for the hackathon, just for the conference or feel free to move between streams to create a personal UKGovHack agenda that is suited to their skills and interests.


Team Team size maximum is 4. 

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How to enter

Attendees need to grab a free ticket at


Immy Kaur

Immy Kaur

Tracy Green

Tracy Green

Nick Halliday

Nick Halliday

Judging Criteria

  • EU Referendum Challenge
  • Data Mashup Challenge
  • User Need Challenge

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